Husqvarna launches “Timber” a dating app for tree lovers!

Husqvarna recently launched a new “dating” app that matches tree lovers to what they love.

The Timber app, just like Tinder, allows users to “swipe left or right” to accept or reject different tree species until a “match” is made. Tree species include oak, elm, redwood, birch, spruce, and others. Each tree “profile” includes the tree’s age, location in the world, and a one-line biography, often told in clever puns.

The company stated; Husqvarna wanted to celebrate and honor the love for the forest that’s shared by many users of their products. So today on Valentine’s Day, we introduce Timber – a dating service matching tree lovers with beautiful trees around the globe. Timber is a tongue-in-cheek spoof of modern dating services: instead of swiping between lovesick singles, the user is presented with different trees that each have their own profiles. Once matched with a tree, it becomes apparent they don’t speak any human languages.

Check out the App here!