Grove of ancient Redwood trees being ruined by social media

A grove of Redwood trees in Northern California is facing severe damage from visitor’s footsteps. According to CBS News, this once secret grove of trees if facing immense damage due to a large influx of tourists thanks to social media.

Located in Jedediah Smith State Park, about nine miles east of Crescent City near the border of Oregon and California, the “Grove of Titans” is reportedly the largest community of Redwood trees ever discovered. The grove was discovered in 1998 by researchers. They kept the exact location hidden.

A few years ago, someone posted a picture of the trees on social media with GPS coordinates. This drew a large number of tourists to the spot looking for the perfect photo. Forest ecologist Lathrop Leonard stated that the foot traffic from tourists has caused damage to the trees’ roots and destroyed nearby plants.

In response to the public intrigue, the park service has raised $1.4 million dollars to build raised walkways around the Grove of Titans. These walkways will allow the public to get close enough to take a picture but won’t cause ecological harm. The project is expected to take three years to complete. In the meantime, tourists are asked to say on the designated trail.