Good Samaritan helps rescue tree worker after climbing gear fails

Delano, CA – An unidentified tree worker was rescued by a Good Samaritan after he found himself stuck 40 feet up a palm tree. According to Kern County Firefighters, the man was trimming the tree when his climbing gear failed and he was left clinging to the tree.

When the first fire engine arrived on the scene, they were able to report that the trimmer was not injured, but exhausted from holding onto the tree. The fire crew’s ladders were not big enough to reach the man and perform a rescue operation. A larger ladder truck was in route but 20 minutes away.

As this was going on, a man heard about the situation and happened to be towing a boom lift. He showed up to the scene and offered to help.

A firefighter was then able to be raised to the tree trimmer and within four minutes was able to safely free the man from the tree.

When the tree worker was safely on the ground he was uninjured and refused medical treatment.

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