Firefighters rescue tree climber injured 30-40 feet up a tree

East Hampton, NY – An unidentified man was rescued after he suffered a significant head wound up a tree.

According to Chief Gerard Turza Jr., the man, whom the chief described as a landscaper performing tree work, was wearing a rope safety system that stopped him from falling when he was hit in the head by a large branch he cut above him.

His co-workers called 911 shortly after 9 AM. When emergency crews arrived they saw the man slumped over, bleeding and had a significant injury.

“As he started to regain consciousness, he was starting to fumble around with it and our fears were he was going to disconnect himself from the safety rope,” Chief Turza said. They tried to shout out up some simple commands, in Spanish, as the man only spoke Spanish.

Emergency medical service personnel treated the man, once on the ground, and then transported to East Hampton Airport, where a Suffolk County medevac waiting to fly him to Stony Brook University Hospital.

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