Firefighters perform a high-angle rescue of a trapped and injured tree climber

Fairfield, CT – An unidentified tree worker was rescued by Fairfield firefighters as the performed a “high-risk” rescue.

According to the department, the tree climber had been working to remove a large limb from an adjacent tree when the limb dropped suddenly, crushing his leg and trapping it between the fallen limb and the crotch of the tree.

The second worker had climbed the tree to assist his fellow worker but was unable to reach him. When firefighters arrived on the scene around 2:12 PM they assisted the would-be rescuer to safety. 

 The worker trapped in the tree was in a high, difficult to reach location complicated by branches other debris blocking rescuers access.

Firefighters used chain saws to clear away branches and gain access to the tree. Once the base of the tree was cleared they used portable ground ladders to gain access to the victim. 

The victim removed from the tree was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center by AMR. 

It took rescuers approximately one hour from the time of the call to safely remove the trapped man from the tree. 

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