Father dies in son’s arms after being crushed by tree

52 year old Ian Wall was killed by a tree he and his son were cutting down. Wall and his son Stefan, were volunteering at Lorenden Park removing trees on a plot of land to be used for families to grow plants in the memories of lost loved ones. Stefan recalled the incident by saying, “I climbed the tree to set a rope around the top of it. I jumped back down and held the rope where we wanted the tree to go. He started cutting the tree. He cut one side, put his thumb up and then went round the other side.”

“I expected the chainsaw to stop but it carried on going, which I thought was strange.”

An incorrect cut by Ian caused the tree to barber chair and fall in an uncontrolled manner. The ash tree split into two pieces and pinned Ian between another tree and the split trunk which fell on top of him. Stefan rushed to his father’s side and cut one of the trees to free him. Ian fell into his son’s lap and Stefan called for an ambulance.

Ian Wall was a farmer and did not have the proper qualifications to carry out such work. On the day Mr. Wall died he was told to clear shrubbery and that large tree was never asked to be cut.

For more information; http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/505261/devoted-dad-dies-sons-arms-after-he-crushed-tree-chopping-Kent


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