Falling tree kills Pensacola man

Pensacola, FL – A 37 year old man was killed when a tree fell on him. The man who was an employee of Eager Beaver Tree Service. OSHA stated that the accident involved a crane and an oak tree. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

OSHA REPORT: 37 year old Michael Caston of Eager Beaver Tree Service LLC was in the backyard of a private residence. He was hoisted into a Live Oak tree on the crane’s headache ball without a man basket. Caston was lifted 20 feet up the tree then was instructed to notch the tree. According to the OSHA report he did not have an adequate escape route. The tree fell on Caston due to the notch and rot/bug infestation. He was crushed to death by the tree trunk.

Eager Beaver Tree Service was also fined for operating within inches of the 7.2kv overhead power line, not having employees wear proper eye protection, and not ensuring proper chain saw safety procedures. Investigators cited the company for the incident on February 18th and two others, on February 22nd and May 6th. The report lists five serious and three “other-than-serious” safety violations.

The fines total $31,600.

For more information; http://weartv.com/news/local/tree-service-fined-for-deadly-accident




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