Ecosia, the tree planting search engine sees over 1000% increase in traffic

Ecosia looks just like any other search engine, but there is one major difference. For every 45 user searches, enough revenue is earned to plant a tree where it’s needed most. Since Ecosia started in 2009, they’ve planted 65 million trees in countries like Brazil, Senegal, Madagascar, and Ghana.

On an average day, the non-profit search engine has about 20,000 downloads of its app and browser extension. As the international press began reporting heavily on the Amazon rainforest fires, that number shot up to 250,000 downloads on August 22. While this 1150% increase should be cause for celebration, it’s a bittersweet victory for CEO Christian Kroll.

Kroll stated, “We had our team meeting and people were, on the one side, very happy because of the numbers but also very sad because of the forest fires. So it’s both exciting and a tragic occurrence.” 

He said Ecosia became the top-ranked iOS app in Brazil on Thursday and has ranked highly in a number of other markets globally.

Users voicing their concern on social media is partly responsible for the uptick in Ecosia’s downloads.