Crane Falls On Home In Genoa Township

Howell, MI – Crews are working to clean up damage from a crane that tipped over while doing tree work in Genoa Township. Fire fighters responded to the scene to discover a 100 foot crane, that was doing tree removal work, on it’s side. The crane damaged a house and took down multiple wires causing a pretty large power outage. The tree crew and man operating the crane were uninjured. Although no one was hurt, a family of four has been displaced from their home due to the damage.

Brighton Fire Department Chief Mike O’Brian stated the crane was still on its side around 5:18pm and they were trying to come up with a plan to get it back on its feet and not damage the home anymore. He says Corrigan Towing is on scene, trying to evaluate what they can and can’t do with the systems on the truck. He says they’ll have get the boom either detached or retracted in before they can right side the crane, calling it a matter of time and patience.

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