Contractor hired to do tree work rescued after being pinned 75 feet in the air

Chicago, IL – An unidentified man was rescued by Chicago Firefighters when he became trapped high up in a tree.

Reports say that the man was hired to “trim” a tree in a lot behind a house. While working on the tree, his leg became pinned between two branches.

The man was attempting to lower a severed tree limb about 1 p.m. when the branch got tied up in his safety tether, Chicago Fire Department Cmdr. Frank Velez said.

“The limb went down, and he went up like a pulley.”

Officials said he was up 75 feet in the air and hung at an angle for 30 minutes.

Luckily, fire officials were able to bring him down using a stokes basket and tower ladder.

The man was transported to a local hospital with a leg fracture. He is now in stable condition.

It is suspected that his leg was entangled in a safety line and snapped due to the force of the falling tree branch.

It was not immediately clear whether the man was a city worker or a private contractor.

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