Chelmsford, England man fined £60,000 after damaging a protected tree

A Chlemsford, England man was fined more than €60,000 after he willfully damaged a protected tree in his front yard.

The mature cedar tree was believed to have been planted shortly after the house was built in 1908 making it over 90 years old.

The homeowner Stephen Lawrence previously filed two applications to have the tree removed. Both of the requests were refused by the Chelmsford City Council and Lawrence did not appeal the decesions. 

Lawrence then drilled holes into the lower trunk of the tree and debarked the entire circumference. The tree was so badly damaged it had to be removed.

Lawrence pled guilty to willfully damaging the protected tree on December 12th.

He was originally ordered to pay €90,000 but it was reduced to €60,000, plus €1004.82 and a surcharge of €32 based on his early guilty plea.