Chandler man rescued by firefighters after dropping limb on ladder

UPDATE 5/28/18: After being rescued from the mesquite tree, Chris Lee decided to hire a professional to finish the job. According to, Lee and his wife, Jennifer Choi, hired B.C. Reliable Landscaping.

“He told us he already chopped down two trees that day. He does that for a living and he knows what he’s doing, so we hired him,” said Lee.

As the landscapers were cutting down the tree it came smashing down on the neighbor’s house causing more the $3,500 in damages. The story doesn’t end there. The couple approached B.C. Reliable landscaping and found out the company is not insured so they have to pay for the damages themselves.

“He can’t pay for it. We hired someone who claims to be licensed, insured and bonded and doesn’t have insurance,” said Choi.

Troy Bell told that he just doesn’t have that much money, but that he’s trying to come up with it or make payments. He says if they don’t like those options, the couple can take him to court.

Lee and Choi have looked into filing an insurance claim but say they have a high deductible and it will cause their insurance premium to skyrocket, so right now they are paying out of pocket to fix the damage.

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Original Story:
Chandler, AZ – Chris Lee decided to tackle some household chores and ended up stuck in a tree. Lee got a ladder from his garage and began trimming away branches on a massive mesquite tree in his front yard. A limb he had cut fell and broke the ladder leaving him with no way of getting down. That’s when his wife called the Chandler Fire Department. It only took Chandler fire a few minutes to safely get Lee out of that tree using their bucket.

Lee said he wasn’t too worried. He found a nice branch to “hang out” on, made himself as comfortable as he could. “I sat down and my wife threw up some water and just sat there and waited. It was fun to go for a ride too,” said Lee.

Fortunately, Lee was unharmed and even able to laugh about it. He says he will now hire a professional arborist to finish the job.

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