Buckingham MFG releases BUCK FASTSTRAP™ quick connect climber foot straps

The popular Buckingham Hook & Loop foot straps are now available with a quick connect buckle! They were developed in conjunction with a Journeymen Linemen out of the Midwest. According to Buckingham, the new footstrap is not only great for rodeo competitors but comfortable, convenient, and adaptable for when you are out in the field.

Benefits & Features:

  • Hook & loop design for quick and easy adjustments while providing the user an extra tight fit
  • Manufactured from soft, pliable 1 3/4″ nylon.
  • Increased surface area for added comfort to the top and back of the foot.
  • Easily adapted for use on your regular climbing boots, rubber boots, and winter over boots.
  • When used at a rodeo, Linemen have noted that these foot straps save 8 – 10 seconds over conventional foot straps.
  • Lightweight, only 9.6 ounces.

You can pick them up here. The new straps cost $89.25