Bergen County DPW employee killed while removing tree in Saddle River

UPDATE 7/27/18 – The victim has been identified as 48-year-old Thomas Epper of Hackensack. Epper was removing a tree that had partially fallen into the Saddle River. He was cutting along the base of the tree when the bank gave way and the tree tumbled, knocking him into the river and landing on him. Epper became trapped underneath the tree and his fellow workers were unable to lift it off of him.

Saddle River, NJ – A 48-year-old Department of Public Works employee died Thursday after a tree that he was removing in Saddle River fell on him. According to a report from Saddle River Mayor Albert Kurpis, the man and four other workers were removing a tree at the Saddle River behind East Allendale Road when the bank gave way and the tree fell on him.

He was trapped and the other workers were unable to lift the tree, and it was too late by the time help arrived, Kurpis said.

He was transported to Valley Hospital where he later died of his injuries. He has been a DPW employee for four years.

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