Arborist rescued after he was struck in the head in a tree

Olympia, WA – An unidentified tree climber was rescued after he became unconscious and was found dangling from a tree.

According to reports, emergency personnel received a call around 3:50 PM of a report of a man appearing to be unconscious and 75 feet up a tree.

Capt. Casey Sobol stated the man had been removing tree limbs when one of them fell and hit him in the head. The blow was hard enough that it cracked his helmet and the chainsaw he was using was still running.

When emergency crews arrived the tree climber started to regain consciousness. He was wearing all appropriate gear which prevented him from falling.

McLane/Black Lake Fire has “tree technicians,” Sobol said. One of them climbed the tree and secured the chainsaw, then they rigged a rope system to lower the man to the ground. The man was conscious, but struggling to communicate.

The man was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

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