Altec Cranes Boom Disassembly extended from 5 to 10 years

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Altec is pleased to announce a boom disassembly and inspection interval extension from five years to ten years. Effectively immediately, all new builds or existing units regardless of build date can now follow the updated factory recommended boom disassembly inspection interval of ten years in lieu of the previous interval of five years.

Altec’s continuous improvement culture and dedication to consistently improve safety, productivity and operator convenience has led to a number of firsts for Altec’s Boom Truck Crane lineup in the marketplace. From the patented dual-entry cab to the radio remote with LMAP display, Altec has pioneered many features in the boom truck industry. In that same spirit of better serving our customers, this extension will improve owner’s return on their equipment by moving the interval from five years to ten years.

Owners will be receiving official notification in the mail and can contact their sales representative with any questions. For more information on our boom truck lineup and other Altec equipment, call 800-958-2555 or contact an Altec representative online.